Building Inspections: Roofs, Chimneys, Siding

 Many rooflines and chimneys are impossible for an inspector to get close enough to inspect thoroughly.  

We access these areas by small RPAS (drones). This gives us live and very detailed imaging of every portion of these areas. 

   A drone can perform a close-up survey of the exterior of a building and deliver high-resolution video of the roof, gutters, chimneys, and building envelope, enabling a building inspector to detect trouble spots in advance.   

  Aerial Inspections in most urban areas can only be done legally by Transport Canada Advanced RPAS Pilots. Susan holds this certification and appropriate insurances.

With advanced license and drone technology we can check high-pitched and unusually constructed roofs without risking inspector safety or charging you for expensive safety rigs.  

Aerial Inspections included with Home Inspection Pricing

 Subject to location and NAV Canada approval. 

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Insurance Inspections

Roof Damage Inspections

  One of the most common uses for drones by insurers is rooftop inspections. Roofs are notoriously difficult and hazardous to inspect. An      inspection is particularly dangerous if a roof is steep or has suffered fire damage.  Cameras used on drones can capture very detailed images. Moreover, a drone can photograph the entire roof, including parts of the structure that aren't accessible to a human.

 Drones are useful for inspecting damage to large structures, such as warehouses.

Post Disaster Claims Inspections

Drones are valuable for inspecting areas      affected by a major disaster, such as flood or earthquake.   Access to a disaster area may be restricted by civil authorities for several days. Even if access isn't restricted, the area may be too      dangerous for adjusters to enter. Adjusters can use  still photos or videos of damaged  property. These photos may be used to process claims.

Insurance Inspections

  One use for drones is to conduct property insurance inspections.   Drones are particularly useful if the insured property is extensive or      difficult to reach. For example, a crop insurer might use a drone to inspect a farmer's crops. Certain issues may be easier to spot from the      air than from the ground. A drone's camera can be equipped with special lenses to detect problems that aren't visible to the human eye.

Fraud Monitoring

  Drones may also be used to deter insurance fraud.  When a disaster or other event occur, some      policyholders file claims for damage that existed before the event took place. Insurers can disprove some claims by comparing drone camera images      taken before the event with those taken after it has occurred.

Benefits for Insurers

 · Images of the property to be insured can be obtained prior to providing coverage.

· Claims assessors’ safety is improved, and they can complete their work quicker when using a drone to inspect a building.

· In case of a disaster or catastrophe, a drone can provide feedback on the extent of the damage long before the site is safe or accessible.

· Turnaround time on claims can be reduced.

Real Estate Listings

Aerial Photo Package

  5-10 exterior drone images

All images will be in MLS-ready state. 

Up to 24 hours for photos. 

Pro Photo Package

 20-35 interior and exterior edited images. Exterior images done by drone.

All images will be in MLS-ready state. 

Up to 24 hours for photos. 

Deluxe Package

  Interior and exterior features in an edited video (2-6-minute video depending on home/property size), and up to 15 edited photos included.

All images will be in MLS-ready state.

Video can be referenced with a link or you can download it directly.

Up to 24 hours for photos. Minimum 48hrs for videos.

Twilight Scheduling

If you would like twilight or dawn drone work.

Raw Drone Video

When all you require is the raw videos.


All images and video will be provided via a drop-box link. 

All video will also be hosted online and you can share with a link.


Drone projects can be customized for each client.  

Please contact us and we can discuss project pricing.

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